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                                                                                             ED ZARATE

Ed Zarate is a self-taught artists whose works are products of his social theological reflections. For him, art is a spiritual practice and powerful witness as well as a fine tool for self transformation. He invites his viewers to engage in a dialogue, self-reflection and enter into a sacred space to experience the Divine.

He started painting back in the Philippines, his motherland, in search for meaning and hope in the midst of social unrest. This exhibit is an attempt to look back "Paglingon" to recapture and re-live those memories.

Ed is an ordained Methodist minster, currently serving St. Marks United Methodist Church in Mesquite, Texas and lives with his family in Forney. 

Reception/Meet the artist will be on September 10th, at 7:00 p.m.

Gallery is Open Monday-Friday 8-5pm

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