Thomasson Square

Current Status

View the Thomasson Square Status Report for current information on the project.

City Council authorizes project redesign

In June 2017, the City Council authorized a redesign of the project to remove the roundabouts at Karla Drive and Moon Drive/Whitson Way.

From Regression to Revitalization:
Creating a Sense of Place

This is a story about recapturing a relationship between an important part of Mesquite’s history and the people who call it home, and as a place to live, to work and to play. It is about adapting to changes in culture and society that will empower businesses and neighborhoods to thrive with newfound success. And, it is about a partnership between a city organization and the people it serves, to craft something special for generations to embrace and celebrate. In the end, it will culminate in conceiving a new awareness of purpose, a new appreciation for people and a new sense of place. That place is called Thomasson Square. Click here to watch a NBC 5 story published on May 18, 2012 about the proposed project.
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Thomasson Square is a three-block area located north of Interstate 30. The area includes a mixture of retail and commercial properties, with a park and neighborhoods within walking distance. The goals of the Thomasson Square Project are:
  • Transform an aging, distressed commercial area into an engaging place with new businesses and new households.
  • Use investments by the City of Mesquite as a catalyst to encourage property owners to re-invest in their own properties.
  • Change the current patterns of high-speed, cut-through traffic to an environment which encourages visitors and customers to stop and shop in Mesquite.
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Villas at Vanston Park
The Villas at Vanston Park is tangible example of the positive impacts the Thomasson Square Project is having on the area.
The Villas, located at 4414 Gus Thomasson Road, is a $23 million private investment to build a mixed-use, three-story structure. It is the first major project in this area in decades. The Villas will feature 155 apartment units (one and two-bedroom), 9,000 square-feet of ground floor retail and office space lining a parking garage, and $3.2 million in public infrastructure (water lines, storm drainage, streetscape).
Click here to see a rendering of the project that is under construction.

Council at Vanston Park
Vanston Park
On May 18, 2017, a public re-dedication was held for Vanston Park, 2913 Oates Drive, after extensive renovations and improvements were completed. These improvements include two baseball fields, a basketball court, a large picnic pavilion, a playground as well as hike and bike trails.
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Thomasson Square: Details and Design
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Here is a summary of the costs involved in the Gus Thomasson Square Project:
  • The reconstruction of Gus Thomasson, from Moon to Karla Drive, will cost approximately $3.95 million. The City received a $3 million North Central Texas Council of Governments grant for this part of the project.
  • The Mesquite 4B Corporation, funded through sales tax, has allocated $950,000 toward the project. 
  • Water, sewer, and drainage upgrades will cost approximately $2 million.
This is a look at some of the significant moments in the Thomasson Square Project timeline:
  • May 2005: The City begins a Neighborhood Revitalization initiative focused on four neighborhoods, including Casa View Heights located in the Gus Thomasson area.
  • April 2007: After a series of neighborhood meetings, the City Council adopts the Casa View Heights Plan to reconnect residents to the Gus Thomasson corridor.
  • October 2007: The City Council launches Project Renewal, which includes rebuilding infrastructure and enacts new ordinances to raise community design standards. Both of these actions impact the Gus Thomasson area.
  • December 2008: The City Council adopts the Gus Thomasson Corridor Revitalization Code for new development standards in the area.
  • June 2010: Mesquite earns a $3 million grant for the Thomasson Square Project.
  • June 2012: The City hosts a public open house to share design ideas and project details.
  • July 2014: Engineers complete final design plans for Gus Thomasson Project.
  • October 2014: Villas at Vanston Park breaks ground.
  • February 2017: Villas at Vanston Park holds a ribbon cutting ceremony with all units leased with the exception of three remaining live-work units.
  • May 2017: A public re-dedication is held for Vanston Park after extensive renovations and improvements are completed.