Public Art

The Mesquite Arts Council initiated the development of a percent for art program for the City of Mesquite in 2003. After review of area programs, including the cities of Dallas, Plano, and Frisco. A Mesquite policy was written and presented to the mayor and city council in 2004. An ordinance was created and passed that provides 2% of capital improvement projects for the Mesquite Public Art Program.

Significant works of art are located throughout the city and represent major artists from the region, California, and Connecticut.

The Mission of the Program
The mission of the program includes the following focal points:
  • Strengthen economic development and tourism
  • Enhance neighborhood identity
  • Educate children and adults
  • Support a public process for incorporating artist services and artworks in the design of civic spaces and facilities
  • Enrich the spirit and pride of its citizens
Check out these Art Around Town and Public Art Locations! 
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