Motley Drive (Gus Thomasson to Town East)

Scope – The project will be a total reconstruction of Motley Drive from Gus Thomasson Blvd. to Town East Blvd. The reconstructed roadway will be a four-lane divided roadway on the north and south ends and a two-lane divided roadway with some on-street parking though the residential area.
• Current Status – Under construction. 
• Schedule – Construction is estimated to be complete by Spring 2018.
• Project Contact – Christina Hickey, P.E., 972-216-6432

Project Updates

February 2, 2017: The contractor will be wrapping up improvements to the sanitary sewer system next week. When they are done, all sanitary sewer within the Motley Drive corridor will be brand new PVC lines! The contractor is now beginning to install the storm sewer line in the northbound lanes between Gus Thomasson and Larchmont and through the park. They will be placing temporary asphalt over the trenches in the roadway for traffic to drive on until they come back to complete the pavement in a few months.

December 29, 2016: The contractor is continuing to replace the old clay sanitary sewer lines within the project area. While some of the old lines will have to be completely dug up and replaced, a portion of the sanitary sewer lines can be replaced through a method called pipe bursting. This is a good video that shows how this process works: Pipe Bursting. The sewer work will take about another month to complete.

November 28, 2016
: The contractor has been authorized to begin construction on November 28, 2016. The construction is planned to be completed in the following general phases:

  1. Utility Work - Sanitary Sewer and Waterline replacement
  2. Paving - Eastbound lanes
  3. Paving - Westbound lanes
  4. Irrigation/Landscaping
The contractor has begun mobilizing and you will start to see some activity. The first phase is scheduled to start December 5, 2016.