Lucas Farms

Lucas Farms Planned Development District is an approximately 1,200-acre stretch of untouched landscape near the southern end of the city limits. Originally owned by Faithon P. Lucas, today, the Lucas Family desires to develop the historic property by creating a master planned community that will provide homes for residents of all ages and incomes, provide  business opportunities, and promote a unique lifestyle.
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October 2014

A 3 day Charette Workshop was held to brainstorm ideas to create new designs for the Development. The workshop was hosted by TBG Partners, and was a collaboration between the Lucas Family, Centurion America and the City of Mesquite. The 3 day event began by exploring the history of the Lucas Family and Lucas Farms, assessing the existing terrain, and identifying key features that should be preserved, as well as concerns that should be addressed. Verbal Ideas from all of the parties involved were brought together to create visual interpretations that could potentially lead to an appropriate design that will honor the Lucas Family legacy, complement the existing landscape, and create a unique community with a strong identity.

Click the link to view a PDF copy of the booklet produced by the Charette:

Lucas Farms Charette 2014
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November 2002
On November 4, 2002, City Council of Mesquite voted to approve the rezoning of a 1,426-acre tract of land in southeast Mesquite from Agriculture and General Retail to Planned Development. The new zoning allows for specified uses and development in accordance with the regulations and requirements set out in the Lucas Farms Planned Development District. Follow the link to the Lucas Farms Zoning Ordinance (Ord. 3538).

Lucas Farms Planned Development District