Stormwater Quality

stormwater pollution

Stormwater Quality, Maintenance and Pollution Control

Mesquite has two types of drainage systems:  a sanitary sewer that carries sewage wastewater to a treatment plant and a storm drain that carries rain and other runoff directly to our streams.  Contaminated runoff, called non-point source pollution, is a major cause of pollution in Mesquite's waterways.  We can reduce the pollution by keeping waste such as litter, lawn care chemicals, and other waste out of our storm drains and storm water pipelines.

Storm drains are separate from the sanitary sewer system and stormwater flows directly into local creeks and waterways. 
Anything entering the storm sewer system that is not 100% storm water is considered an illicit discharge and is prohibited from entering the system by the City of Mesquite.  To protect the quality of our streams, lakes and  public health, please report illicit discharges to the City's Stormwater Specialist at 972-329-8537.

The City of Mesquite’s Stormwater Education program has the goal of reducing pollution in stormwater runoff.  This program targets the public, as well as commercial and industrial owners and operators within Mesquite. Education of the public is accomplished by the Public Works Department through public presentations at conferences and seminars and presentations at local schools and neighborhood events. Staff members distribute educational materials at community events and public locations and press releases and articles in the City newsletter inform the public about environmental concerns and ways to reduce pollution in stormwater runoff.  Another part of the Stormwater Education program educates commercial and industrial owners and or operators about their responsibility to reduce the pollution in stormwater runoff.

Stormwater Programs