Mesquite Heritage Trail

Mesquite Heritage Trail officially opened on July 25, 2015 and is the City's largest recreational facility. It consists of 4.25 miles of concrete trails and sidewalks, three trailheads, major intersection enhancements, one exercise station, one pedestrian bridge and other improvements. As a part of the City's hike and bike trail system, the Mesquite Heritage Trail connects  residents from their homes to the Mesquite Golf Club, schools, recreation centers, sports fields, shopping and more. 
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The trail starts at Towne Centre Drive and Franklin Drive and ends along the west bound frontage road of Interstate 30 just west of Greenbelt Parkway.  The three trailheads are Americana Trailhead (Americana Lane just northeast of Chisolm Trail) Dunford Trailhead (the north corner of Galloway Avenue and Green Canyon Drive) and Palos Verdes Trailhead (on Northwest Drive just west of Los Lomas Drive).   

The major intersection enhancement is located at Town East Blvd. and Towne Centre Drive.  The exercise station is located within Palos Verdes Park adjacent to the the park's lake.  The pedestrian bridge is located within Kimbrough Park crossing North Mesquite Creek behind Kimbrough Middle School and Beasley Elementary.

For more information, please call Parks and Recreation Administration at 972-216-6260.
Park Trail Address Distance in miles
Beasley Park Trail 915 Green Canyon .49
Blackwood Park Trail 2321  Baker Street .66
Brandy Station Park Trail 1919 Brandy Station Dr. .54
Bruton Sports Complex Trail 717 W. Cartwright Rd. .34
City Lake Park 403 S. Galloway .48
Clay Mathis Park Trail 2181 Clay Mathis Rd. .25
Debusk Park Trail 1625 Gross Rd. 1.76
Gentry School Park Trail 1903 Twin Oaks Dr .56
Hodges Park Trail 230 W. Cartwright .11
Palos Verdes Park Trail 4800 Olympia .58
Paschall Park Trail 1001 New Market Rd. .38
Porter Park Trail 517 Via Avenida .24
Town East Trail 2724 Town East Blvd. 1.20
Travis Williams Trail 1005 New Market Rd. .44
Valley Creek Park Trail 2482 Pioneer Rd. 1.22
Westover Park Trail S. Parkway & Forney Rd. .93
Westover Greenbelt Trail S. Parkway & Sybil .16