Volunteer Opportunities

Programs & Services
Volunteers are essential to the City's ability to provide quality services to the community by participating in a variety of city programs and activities. The City of Mesquite regularly seeks volunteers to work in the  Animal Shelter, at the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Historic Mesquite, Keep Mesquite Beautiful, the Library, Senior Centers, and with Senior Transportation.

For those opportunities, please complete a Volunteer Application and return it to the volunteer office along with a copy of your driver's license or state-issued identification.

For volunteers who have completed the Mesquite Citizen's Police Academy or Citizen's Fire Academy courses, participation in expanded volunteer programming exists. Contact the departments at the links listed above.

Boards & Commissions
Persons interested in serving on a board or commission, which meets on a regular basis, are required to complete a Personal Data Form and attend at least one meeting of the board or commission on which they wish to serve. For a complete list of boards and commissions, click here.

The chairperson of the board, or a city staff member, will acknowledge attendance on the Personal Data Form and forward the form to the City Secretary's Office, where it will be maintained on file and provided to the City Council as vacancies occur on the various boards or commissions.

Note: This attendance prerequisite applies only to boards and commissions that meet on a regular basis. An additional form  is required for service on the Historic Mesquite, Inc., Board of Directors (Historic Mesquite Addendumand the Keep Mesquite Beautiful, Inc., Board of Directors (Keep Mesquite Beautiful Addendum).

Court-Ordered Volunteer Hours
The City of Mesquite does not accept court-ordered community service hours. You may download a list of agencies in Mesquite that will accept court-ordered community service hours.