Application Process

Application Process

Effective October 17, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (CST), Mesquite Housing Division’s (MHD) Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) waiting list closed. We are not currently accepting any applications.  MHD received 10,600 applications and randomly selected 2,000 applicants.  All other applications are inactive.  Anyone interested in re-applying may do so when the list reopens.  There is no date as to when the HCV list will re-open.

Waitlist Status

 You have submitted a preliminary application for the HCV program waiting list. This does not guarantee eligibility to the HCV program.  A final determination of eligibility for active applicants are done during an invitational eligibility briefing. 

MHD will contact each applicant when their name reaches the top of the list.  Your current place on the waiting list will remain the same during your wait.  As vouchers become available, MHD will contact the applicant by mail to attend an eligibility briefing.  At this briefing, a preliminary screening of income, prior housing assistance and criminal background checks will be performed.  All areas of the preliminary eligibility screening must pass to be eligible for the HCV program.   

If your application is denied during the preliminary eligibility screening, you are entitled to an informal review. 


MHD will contact you by mail or Assistance Connect.  It is imperative that you maintain a good mailing address. You must report all address changes in writing to MHD. Any notice mailed by MHD is time sensitive and appointment(s) and deadlines will be strictly adhered.  If an applicant fails to respond to a notice; MHD may remove their name from the HCV waiting list. 

Applicants may check their status by clicking on the following link: