Awarded bid tabulations

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Formal Bids (Over $50,000)
Informal Bids ($3,000 to $50,000)

2014-003 Annual Supply of Ford OEM Parts
2014-007 Annual Supply of Dodge OEM Parts
2014-009 Annual Supply of Mesquite Fire Department Uniforms and Clothing
2014-011 Annual Property Preservation Maintenance for Environmental Code
2014-013 Annual Supply of Lawn and Ornamental Chemicals
2014-014 Annual Supply of Janitorial Supplies
2014-015 Large Diameter RCP Sanitary Sewer Rehab by CIPP Phase 1 (Tripp Road to Bluffview Drive)
2014-017 Annual Landscape Maintenance of the Creek Crossing Area Medians, Rights-Of-Way and Landscape Areas and Mesquite Metro Airport
2014-018 Annual Supply of Police Officer Uniforms
2014-022 Truman Heights Park Construction Project
2014-030 Town East 2.0 MG Elevated Water Tank, Phase 2 Electrical, Lighting and Site Improvements
2014-040 Annual Contract for Utility Concrete Repairs, Area 1
2014-043 Annual Contract for Utility Concrete Repairs, Area 2
2014-047 Reconstruction Water Main Replacement Supplies for Fiscal Year 2013 - 2014
2014-057 Mesquite Golf Course Restroom