Public Works Service Request

The Mesquite Department of Public Works welcomes your request for service through the use of our online customer service desk.

If this is an emergency please contact our 24-hour Emergency Service at 972-216-6278.
Online requests are NOT handled during weekends or holidays.

Please select a request type from the listing below. If you cannot find a particular service type, please refer to the City Directory and contact the division by phone.

  Blocked culvert
  Clogged storm drain
  Debris in roadway
  Dredge drainage ditch
  Easement repair (ruts)
  Gap between drive approach and street
  High water
  Repair speed bumps
  Inlet lid replacement request
  Permanent barricade request
  50/50 SIDEWALK replacement program
  Street/alley cracking or breaking up
  Street sinking/standing water
  Tree/limb blocking street or paved alley
  Average water pressures
  Customer service inspections
  Damaged water meter
  Damaged or cracked meter box or meter box lid
  Excavations that have settled
  Fire hydrant caps missing
  Fire hydrant leaks
  Latest lab analysis from water treatment plant
  Missing valve lids
  Sewer clean-out cap missing
  Small valve leaks
  Small water meter leak
  Status on concrete repair from water or sewer repairs
  Water quality - taste, color, odor

  City street light problem
  Request for additional street light
  Request for alley speed bump petition
  Request for block party petition
  Request for radar trailer
  School flasher not on
  Sign down or missing
  Sign falling from traffic signal
  Sign obstructed
  Sign vandalized
  Traffic signal cabinet door open
  Traffic signal falling from signal pole
  Traffic signal head turned
  Traffic signal knocked down
  Traffic signal lamp out
  Traffic signal lens broken
  Traffic signal lights are all out
  Traffic signal on flash
  Crew complaint
  General information
  Lookup garbage/recycling days
  Blue bag
  Schedule a large item pickup*

*The large item pickup request confirmation number cannot be tracked in this system.