Crime Prevention Programs

The Mesquite Police Department’s Crime Prevention Section provides crime-deterrent services and programs to the residents and businesses of Mesquite with the goal of reducing crime and the fear of crime. We believe that education and awareness about crime-related issues empowers our residents to play a vital role in helping make Mesquite a safe place to live, work and play.

Available Programs:

  • Neighborhood Crime Watch
  • Stranger Danger Program and Video for K thru 3rd Grade
  • “The Other Side” a Pedestrian Safety Program K thru 5th Grade
  • Red-E Fox Emergency 911 K-3rd Grade
  • Eddie Eagle Gun Safety 1st thru 5th Grade
  • Roll of a Police Officer K thru 4th Grade
  • Adult Safety
  • Drug Awareness
  • Home Insurance Inspections (Includes possible Insurance premium reduction)
  • Bank Robbery Seminars
  • C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design)
  • Security Surveys- for Home or Business
  • Police Stations Tours
  • HEAT

Main phone line: 972-216-6600

Don Williams
(south of Hwy 80)
Jeff Goodfred
(north of Hwy 80)