Swimming Lesson Information

Join us for our group swim lesson program. We have classes for ages 6 months through adult. Morning and evening lessons are available with certified instructors who have undergone background and reference checks. Lessons are scheduled Monday through Thursdays with Fridays used as a makeup day. Saturday cancellations will be rescheduled at the end of the session. There is a maximum of 8 students per class. Students will be grouped by their skill level for individual classes. Students of similar skill level may be combined with the instructor’s approval to fill a class.


Weekday sessions, Monday- Thursday for two weeks (8 lessons) $50 Weekend sessions, Saturdays for four weeks (4 lessons) $35



Session 1: June 9-19
Session 2: June 23- July 3
Session 3: July 7- July 17
Session 4: July 21- July 31


Session A: June 7, 14, 21 & 28
Session B: July 12, 19, 26 & August 2 (No class 7/19)

*Special adult class (18+) May 27-30, 7:00p-8:30p Town East Pool $25 per person.


Pre-registration date: Saturday, May 3, 9am-12pm at Town East Pool
*Bring a towel and swimsuit so our instructors can help place you in the appropriate level class

Regular registration: Begins Monday, May 5th at Dunford Recreation Center located at 1015 Green Canyon or at the Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices at 1515 N. Galloway Ave.
* Registration will be taken at Dunford Recreation Center and The Parks and Recreation Main Office only

Swim Lesson Registration Form

Swim Lesson


Parent- Tot – 6 mos. – 3 years

  • Holding positions
  • Water entry & bubble blowing
  • Supported front & back movement
  • Underwater exploration
  • Rolling over
  • Use of lifejackets

Guppy Skills - Age 4-5

  • Entering and exiting the water safely
  • Exploring the pool
  • Begin to float on the front with support
  • Begin to float on the back with support
  • Blowing bubbles

Minnow Skills - Level 1

  • Submerging entire head under water
  • Learning to kick with flotation device
  • Jumping into the pool from the side

Seahorse Skills - Level 2

  • Submerge mouth, nose, and eyes
  • Exhale under water (bubbles)
  • Jumping from the side of the pool
  • Float on the front and back
  • Begin arm and leg movements for the front crawl
  • Open eyes underwater, submerge to pick up object
  • Perform rhythmic breathing

Otter Skills - Level 3

  • Tread water
  • Glide on front and back
  • Roll from front to back, back to front
  • Front crawl, stroke refinement
  • Begin arm and leg movements for the back crawl
  • Back crawl, stroke refinement

Commonly Asked Questions (Please click on the "" to see detailed information)

Can a person sign up for more than one session?
Yes, it is possible to sign up for multiple sessions.

Do children have to wear swimwear?
Yes, everyone in the water is required to wear swim wear.

What do the children need to bring?
Bathing suit, sunscreen, and a towel.

Are babies required to wear swim diapers?
Yes, any child not restroom capable is required to wear swim diapers.

Are swim shoes, goggles, flippers, and snorkels okay to bring?
Swim shoes are allowed, goggles are allowed with the instructor’s approval.
No flippers or snorkels are allowed.

Are the instructors certified?
Yes, all instructors are certified through the American Red Cross.

Do we perform background checks on our instructors?
Yes, we perform background and reference checks on all our instructors.

Will there be a lifeguard on duty during swim lessons?
Yes, a lifeguard will be present anytime there are people inside the pool area.

What happens if we can not have class due to inclement weather?
Friday’s are designated as make up days.

What happens if a person starts a class and an instructor recommends a different level?
A space will be provided in the appropriate level.

What if it is recommended that a child repeat a level and another level has already been paid for the next session?
A space will be provided in the appropriate level.

Can the parents be in the facility with the children during lessons?
Yes, but it is recommended that parents wait on the outside of the facility (With the exception of Parent-Tot classes).

Will there be open swim during swim lessons?
No the pool will be closed to the public.

Do we offer private lessons?
No, unfortunately due to the pool schedule we do not have the adequate time.

Will there be class during the 4th of July weekend?
There will be no class on July 3rd.

Can an adult sign up for swim lessons?
Yes, although it is highly encouraged that adults sign up for the Masters Program because swim lessons are geared towards children.

Can children with special needs participate?
Yes, our staff will accommodate any special need to assure that everyone can learn.

Can a parent request an instructor of a different gender?
Yes, although it may require a move to a different time.

Do you have to attend all eight classes to complete the level?
No, but it is recommended that all classes are attended, You can not advance to the next level with out completing all the skills required for the previous level.