KMB Anti-Litter Sign Project

Keep Mesquite Beautiful has an anti-litter project that may be of interest to you!

We want to place fifty attractive signs with the colorful KMB logo plus a slogan to remind all of us to do our part in making

our city look its best. We need help with this project. Perhaps you can help.

Fifty sponsors donating $200 each are needed for the production, installation, and maintenance of these signs. Sponsors will receive acknowledgement of their contributions and be recognized in various local publications. Your tax deductable $200 contribution will place a 30x24 sign in an area of high visibility such as along roadways, at parks and at schools.

Keep Mesquite Beautiful wants you as a partner in this project. Together we can be a part of our city’s Project Renewal. Together we can be part of the solution.

Become a sign sponsor today!

KMB Sign Project Sponsor Form