Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

“To enhance the environment of the City of Mesquite through an orderly program that seeks to educate the public on the purpose and goals of the Environmental Code Inspection program. Through this education, we hope to gain willing compliance and to encourage citizen participation and cooperation. A “TEAM” effort to eliminate nuisances by encouraging responsible property maintenance will assist in providing a safe, clean and disease-free environment for the citizens of Mesquite.”


  • To make the City of Mesquite a safer and cleaner place to live, through a cooperative effort between the City and its citizens.
  • To provide prompt, courteous and professional service.
  • To gain willing compliance.
  • To encourage responsible property maintenance.
  • The Environmental Code Division is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life within the City of Mesquite. Through pro-active surveys performed daily, we strive to seek out problems before they become complaints. With a Team concept as our approach, we educate and assist property owners into taking responsibility for their own property; and, thus have reduced the number of citations and the work performed by the City contractor.

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